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simple 2+2

Yes we've known all this for years.

The new facility that was built in Utah was built in close proximity to a transcontinential internet backbone.

Doesn't take rocket science to figure out that they're not going to ask anyone's consented to sniff the backbone data, . they're going to do it regardless of what the law says. The true agenda is to protect those megalomanica's empires of slaver at all costs.

This is the beast that consumes all data into a black hole.

That email you sent to your girlfriend in singapore... it was intercepted 5 times before it got there.

Why do you think there's so much latency on the internet internationally. Were not sending data to the moon and back.
Its just all those intercepts that slow the data down.

Sometimes the latency can be 5-10 seconds !!!!!!!!!!!

think about it.


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