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"I say if you're not using

"I say if you're not using land for dwelling, business or farming than you cannot own it. Everyone has a right to freely walk around and enjoy the earth as long as you are not violating people's rights to life and liberty."

But what of the Tragedy of the Commons?

"If land is not owned by anybody, although legal formalism may call it public property, it is utilized without any regard to the disadvantages resulting. Those who are in a position to appropriate to themselves the returns — lumber and game of the forests, fish of the water areas, and mineral deposits of the subsoil — do not bother about the later effects of their mode of exploitation. For them the erosion of the soil, the depletion of the exhaustible resources and other impairments of the future utilization are external costs not entering into their calculation of input and output. They cut down the trees without any regard for fresh shoots or reforestation. In hunting and fishing they do not shrink from methods preventing the repopulation of the hunting and fishing grounds." =Mises