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Comment: I like Cruz

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I like Cruz

I like the way he embarrassed the GOP. If you don't realize that he embarrassed them, then you just are not following what is going on.

I like Rand. But I'll be damned if all this is to me is cheering for a family name.

This is about our home..our country. You can call Cruz a fraud all you want. You can claim there are no good men left in the country other than the Paul's. But that doesn't make it so.

We need more than one good man. We needn't destroy everyone but the Pauls.

No one has really proven themselves yet. But I have been reading a bit about Cruz. From what I understand he has always been extremely ideological. He has always been consistent.

So if you have evidence that he is a fraud or a RINO or an establishment insider, then please bring it. But don't just try to gut any potential political rival of "your man".