Comment: Wow that worries me a litte... Educated opinions??

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Wow that worries me a litte... Educated opinions??

Wow, that worries me that hes gained on Paul that fast... I would trust Cruz as VP, but not as top ticket... However, it is right after his big show, Rand is a bit more popular with people outside the hard party loyalists... Also Rand is not AS HATED as Cruz by the party elite and if they are forced to choose, they MAY go with Paul, depends..

I am going to ask your opinion on something. Please only thoughtful comments. But do you think if Paul was top and Cruz was bottom that it would turn people off, like indies, in the general election? Do you think Paul would need someone a little more at least perceived moderate, to win agaist the Dem ticket? Im not saying that is a good analysis, but thats my counter question and I want to see what you think? Problem is that I cant think of anyone who is some what perceived moderate at the same time is true to our pincipals? Hmmmm... I would argue ANYBODY on the merits of a Rand Paul candidacy and presidency, but "humbly" (to my standards) I am really stuck on the VP questions. Yeah, its easy to say Jesse Ventura or even Ron Paul (well a Paul Paul ticket would be my absolute fantasy dream! but cummon?)? I could see a Ron Paul top of the ticket with a Rand bottom, but the other way around would be politically next to impossible. Anyway, Im stuck with this one, can you enlighten me?

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