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Nice to meet you SpeechShipOne

The cost I am talking about is the cost of protecting property. It isn't free.

You do own property, I am not in any way opposing property.

But I do think just as we must be responsible for providing for ourselves we must be no less responsible for providing for our own protection.

Freedom isn't free.

Expecting freedom to be free, expecting it to be provided for us by a fictitious benevolent state, which can somehow accomplish anything without first stealing first from someone, is socialism.

I'm saying that, literally, all government is socialistic, in the sense most people think of socialism.

I, and most ancaps, admit this. We oppose socialism, in any minute extent. Not because we oppose society, because we love society. We don't believe society can be built on the foundation of the violation of rights, we don't believe society can be built on violence.

We do think society can be built if every member of society has the right to protect themselves. In fact I'm pretty sure this is required for society.