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Homework first, job second

How hard? I can't quite tell re: Switzerland, but if you're like me and want to be law abiding/not an illegal immigrant, the very first step is to do one's basic homework :

Assuming you're not discouraged, my second step was to secure a job before setting foot on the new soil (US). Then you can start considering the filing of whatever amount of paperwork.

Third, it's going to be tough if you can't dedicate at least $10,000 or so for your relocation (again, if like me, you're willing to do it at your own expenses from end to end). But if you're lucky your next employer may be willing to help. Anyhow, that sort of tiny money literally evaporates in 3 months. That did it for my wife and I, anyway. But I can tell you my first pay check in the US, three months after having my contract signed and the process started, was... *MOST* welcome!

Oh the irony though... I know someone I see almost every work day and who immigrated from Switzerland to the US 15 years ago, now a self-employed business owner (thus, among the unluckiest ones fiscally now in soviet Amerika...)

Agreed anyway, there is much much worse than Switzerland to immigrate to, in Europe.

Good luck!

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