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obviously i dont believe in

obviously i dont believe in compulsory sharing. I think what i meant is everything you have comes from somewhere else. It comes from the earth, from other people, animals etc. You can only exist in relationship to everything around you and without those things you have nothing. And you can't actually own something because everything is temporary. You don't live forever and there's no guarantee that whatever you have will always be there. The biggest army, fences, and money will not ensure that whatever you have will always be yours. It could always be lost or taken away. That doesn't mean other people have a right to take by force what is yours. Any force can be met with force. We have to be stewards of the earth not greedy, land-grabbing, me vs. everyone, dog-eat-dog assholes. If a homeless guy walks by your yard and takes an apple cause he's hungry, are you going to shoot him? If a rabbit walks across your yard, what do u do? Just let him walk. Things can only be decided on a case by case basis. Having a piece of paper that says you own something doesn't mean anything. If you have a forest and someone starts cutting down all the trees, then you are justified to use force to stop them. If someone comes and takes one branch, then you're not. A big part of it has to do with judging people's intent, I believe. Anything can be good or bad depending on the context and why they are doing. Conscience is all that matters.

f___ all forms of govt.