Comment: provided, it's all voluntary, think what you're mulling is a

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provided, it's all voluntary, think what you're mulling is a

wonderful idea!

I think you maybe envisioning a modern evolved form of Committee(s) of Safety, like the one that Dr. Edwin Vieira has been suggesting for awhile now:

Part 1/5 Edwin Vieira at Faneuil Hall Dec 14 2008
Uploaded on Oct 18, 2009

From the Committees of safety tea party at Faneuil Hall 2008. Dr. Edwin Vieira delivers a powerful argument for following the constitution. You can buy a high quality dvd of the entire meeting at

You know, it's kinda crazy, watching history repeat itself...

America's definitely in NEED of an equivalent of a nationwide NETWORK of Sons of Liberty, Committee of Safety, and Committees of correspondence.

But frankly, I currently see no men or women of equal caliber/parity of that of the Founders' generation, at local nor national levels.

Even studying just a little bit of what is publicly available on them, it's clear: the Founders have been intellectually, philosophically, socially, martially, and infrastructurally preparing themselves to take over, AS IF, they were ALWAYS going to boot the Red Coats off into the Atlantic, once whatever THEIR "Rubicon" were to be.

Suppose it should've always been obvious, but even for those of us who studied their era, even somewhat, it's easy to forget that the American Revolution was a culmination: ie. a long train of abuses...

They've been watching, and preparing, for a long, long, time.

The initial batch of patriots who physically took up arms to defend themselves against the English monarch and his henchmen and mercs?

They were clearly philosophically ready, IMHO.

Which, always makes one wonder, even among those one may count among now, as a critical mass of awakened souls, are any of us awake, to the extent that the Founders generation may have plausibly been, at those very specific historical markers?

Now, for the sake of discussion, setting aside the fact that I'm personally averse to ANY and ALL state/Leviathan, PERIOD, so arguendo: limiting the scope of this discussion strictly within the confines of truly Constructionist minarchist-Constitutionalism (well...perhaps -sans taxing powers and eminent domain), IMO the real litmus, to ponder is: can anyone of us craft something akin to, or worthy of, let alone truly intellectually capable of formulating the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution, from scratch right now in the year 2013??

Do 'we' possess such intellectual fortitude steeped in philosophical clarity?

In particular, for those who want to push for a Constitutional Convention, honestly: do you think you're at comparable parity, to the Founders' resolve and intellectual foundation?

Because, like it or not, the ConCon folks, in the end, are trying to impose what comes out of their Constitutional Convention, to be applied to everyone all across America.

Making that idea all the more horrific is the fact that we're at a time in history where demonstrably vast majority of Americans are clueless of the Constitution that we ALREADY have, some of whom, no doubt WILL participate in the ConCon to craft or amend the current Constitution into something, 'better,' supposedly??

Yikes! Shivers... expecting same generation of minds who failed, using that mind to come up with something 'better,' for us all?

Nein. Nein. Nein!

Maybe a long road, but most definitely one thing that America, as a society at individual family level can do, is to instill CULTURE of liberty. Even if that means working within the existent statist paradigm and mechanism, ie. as you've alluded to: training/prepping programs at public schools, as a point of initial departure.

I whole-heartedly agree; teaching the youth, early on, is definitely the key:

1. No.1 rule of thumb = demystification
2. Teaching kids to learn to respect it; make them become masters of their TOOL, aka. a gun

And, there's no better way to do that, than startin' em early:

Check out McKenzie, a NV-r3VOL's then 11yo daughter rockin' Jim Yeager's Tactical Response class with a Glock:

extrapolate that for all youth (and adults for that matter), nationwide?

Yes please .)

How soon please .D

How often please! xD

If I had my druthers, IF we're talkin' strict constructionist Constitutionalism, keeping the Marines would be wholly lawful, as they're part of the Navy, the only branch of the US armed forces which is Constitutionally enumerated to be maintained, constantly; there's a reason why the Air Force actually legally consider their fleet of planes as "air SHIPS" as per Naval maritime admiralty accordance and semantics shenanigans to allow for a 'naval' airfarce xD

Plus, you ALWAYS need and want a cadre of highly skilled men/women who can continually teach, hone skills, and share/pass on their knowledge, as to be able to improve the next generation, which kinda necessitates that there would always be a place for highly skilled SOF elements...

Beyond that? The USAF as it stands, after some attrition and downsizing, they will be collapsed into the Navy, along with some numbers among the only truly perpetually illegal branch of the armed forces: the Army.

Maintaining a standing Army is wholly UnConstitutional. PERIOD.

As you may already know: the sole reason why the CONgress continually renews a 2yr-funding cycle for the Army, is precisely because Constitutionally an Army can only be lawfully called up in times of war, emergencies and rebellion.

Which is why, for America to maintain a standing Army 'legally,' 'we' must always BE AT war, small or big 'technically' speaking, beyond any and all Mil.Ind.Complex induced reasons and manufacturing and cost-plus contracted resupply cycles.

Then, as for the police?

Well, technically speaking, seeing as how they literally have the same command structure and ranking system as the military, not to mention their uniforms, they are 100% a standing army, and thus 100% UnConstitutional at all levels, at all times: must abolish ALL police, except for a few very specific functions: mainly to go after other corrupt govt officials xD

Perhaps a starting point?

Who knows. None of this will matter if the currency collapse comes and everything collapses beyond any semblance of any possibility of a 'cushioned' fall while working toward gradual rise out of the 'ashes' of the collapse of neo-Rome.

xD LOL!!!

moi, just mulling out loud: 'if I had my druthers...' .D

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul