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Comment: If you look did the whole Ron For President thing as education

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If you look did the whole Ron For President thing as education

we won. Huge success.

There was a lot of reasons I supported RP with all I had but among these were the points that he wasn't nearly as easy to write off as a nutcase as the rest of us generally were at the time, he's better credentialed and we knew he would act like a gentleman.

In other words the whole thing was a scam in my mind. Use the process to spread the message. Never once dreamed we'd actually make him president. And I made this point the whole way through both elections. En sotto voce given. No need to disillusion anybody until strictly necessary.

So heck here we go again and even more people will see us get excluded and even more people will see the rigged game. Freaking awesome. Another of my many reasons for jumping on this bandwagon is I wanted to help the GOP destroy itself from within. We're set to drive bigger and deeper wedges than ever this time.

We've begun to isolate the neocons and related factions. We're gonna see some new things happen in debates and other arenas. Should be fun.

So stick around, pitch in, be creative and change the world one mind at a time. Free the space between the ears. It's all win for us.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.