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Comment: Hey Go….I don’t really want to call you out but base1ass

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Hey Go….I don’t really want to call you out but base1ass

is such a little bitch…he keeps bringing up my name behind my back, because he’s trying to build support because his world in crumbling….he’s a crowd.

But the story of the division was not with Cain and Abel, it was with Isaac & Ishmael. All Jews, Muslin and Christian worship the same God….and your right it’s like a dinner table squabble.

The biblical Hebrews are symbolized by the Cain and Abel story, brothers who fell out with each other and whose lineage became the two factions we know as Jews and Arabs. But Jews and Arabs are both biologically Semitic people – they are cousins — and despite their “family feud, they are anciently related by blood and culture.
Later on, Jews and Arabs became even more seemingly disparate due to the introduction of Islam. One tribe kept their Judaism, while the other became Muslim, and there is what we’ve perceived as the warring factions of today.

No one can underestimate the importance of Abraham to the three great monotheistic faiths of the world, but unlike Jews and Christians, Muslims claim their identity with Abraham through Hagar and Ishmael rather than through Sarah and Isaac. Muhammad sought to give legitimacy to Islam by identifying with Abraham and his other son, Ishmael. And this is the root of the alienation that exists between Christians and Muslims, both of whom claim to be the heirs of Abraham.

Sorry Go…..but this is just the truth….but I did go to your link (got attacked by a Virus… don’t go unless you are protected.)

But my beef isn’t with you GO… please don’t take it personally….I just remember it different from all those Sunday school class my mother drug me to. ( and as a side not …thanks for bringing up on another post bass1ass….she recently pass away and I have to go there every day to work on cleaning out her house….of course there was no way for you to know so you get a pass….please just leave that alone)

My problem is with the fact that NO ONE knew the truth…..especially Base1ass…the knower of ALL TRUTH. Here is my position on Israel…..for all to know and so there is no mistake in the future….I COULD CARE LESS…..did you hear me Base1.

The truth is all I’m after. The website linked is straight up conspiracy kook crap. There only reason the conspiracy crowd want to put this shit out there is because it is the only way they can connect the Jews to the Rothschilds….you break that link your conspiracy theory goes up in flames….and then the kooks religion has no “evil” to plot against…..which is exactly what the Greenbacker want you to believe in…because their movement is ordained by God.

Here is a link to the other side of the story….I don’t know this guy..he could be a shrill for the government of Israel…..but at least look at both side then make a choice, if you haven’t already…..I don’t care, but I studied a lot of the conspiracies….and theres a lot of empty rabbit hole out there.

here is a post base1 wrote on 8/31/2103

Israel isn’t Israel: They aren't independent, they are part of the Globalist banking scheme for the NOW.
Granger has no clue

He did the same thing to Granger…harassing her as he has me…telling me my days are numbered and shit like that…..

You may not be the sole reason she left, but your contributed to it…..and I am calling you out for it

In the nature of full disclosure I had it out once with her but tried to make amends before we finished the topic…..base you’re a little punk bully but with all your infinite knowledge you and not really one person on the thread knew or caught Go’s mistake….and DP’ers on here are supposed to trust that you know what the fuck you are talking about when it comes to Israel…..when you don’t even know a bible story from 6th grade. Vet your sources dumbass…..the people you are getting this Israel crap from has an agenda…..and it isn’t the truth.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"