Comment: wth is this the Daily Cruz or the Daily Paul?

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wth is this the Daily Cruz or the Daily Paul?

Cruz is useful only as a vote in the senate. You people on here promoting him or going ape over his "talk" are just encouraging bad behavior.

It was obviously a superficial attempt to duplicate the successes Rand Paul had in a filibuster, and to overshadow him by going twice as long. To add to that, there are real doubts that he even believes in doing what he says over the long run and over a broader range of issues.

And he's all hype. His talk sucks. He doesn't rely on steady reason, he relies on faux appeals to emotion to drive his policies. He relies on the rank and file to listen to that, and he relies on the rest of us to use the rank and file as a guide to the best choice.

Do not trust, and if you trust, trust Rand more (much more), and stop encouraging people to think of Ted as anything more than a male Sarah Palin. In fact, I am actually starting to like Sarah Palin, so think of Ted as a male 2008 Sarah Palin.