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Sea…..we’ve met…remember

You had an epiphany on where you were on the path to conspiracy enlightenment….I was so hoping you haven’t backslidden. I will remind you… stated to me……”You have been on the path longer than most of us please allow us to catch up”. Your post is proof that you still are on the right path…..yes our government is corrupt…….by their nature all States are corrupt…..but to think that’s their this secret cabal controlling the world is not the answer…..repeat after me…….State Bad……Conspiracy insane.

Just messing with you head man.

But I take the Greek Philosopher serious….well mostly.
Cicero also contributed to Western thought a great anti-statist parable which resounded through the centuries, a parable that revealed the nature of rulers of state as nothing more than pirates writ large. Cicero told the story of a pirate who was dragged into the court of Alexander the Great. When Alexander denounced him for piracy and brigandage and asked the pirate what impulse had led him to make the sea unsafe with his one little ship, the pirate trenchantly replied, 'the same impulse which has led you [Alexander]
to make the whole world unsafe'.

BTW where you been hiding…..probably as far away from me as possible…….But give this guy a chance to have a say. I am very interested in what he has to say…….because it sounds like……oh yes I think it is….he sounds just like Ron Paul…….it sounds like the voice of REASON.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"