Comment: what does everyone expect?

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what does everyone expect?

Rand represents the same thing the establishment hated about his father. Regardless of their differences.

All that smooshing and cuddling up to establishment freaks was a waste of time.

Fuck the system. Everyone should just call out and strike for 3 days straight. Don't pay any taxes for 3 days straight. I think people under estimate how much more they are dependent on us then we are of them. Especially now that they've depleted any savings, capital and credit. Stop buying useless unessential crap for 3 days. Use the 3 days off to pull your money out of any of the big banking institutions and go local. If you can, I know this may not be possible, but refinance any mortgages or loans with local banks. Find a local coop or farmers markets for food and then stick your middle finger up while drinking a craft beer from your local brewery. Don't forget to smoke a cuban cigar or herb of your choce off the black market at the same time. Hit these pieces of garbage where it hurts. GO LOCAL. 3 days is nothing for us. But 3 days of no money to the already falling crumbles turn to huge chunks....

But of course that will never happen.....and I am sure I will get a whole list of BS excuses.