Comment: Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?... Good question!

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Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?... Good question!

Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?:


9/11 Truth and the Way Forward: Starting a Real Criminal Investigation:


Interview with researcher Kevin Ryan about his book “Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects.”

Sorry to question your logical thought process but you said:

"I am not advocating anything here other than those who support various conspiracy theories need to address this issue. Any conspiracy theory that involves a large amount of people, or sophisticated coordination seems logically implausible. People do not keep secrets, especially if many people are involved"

This being the case, what do you think about the validity of this 9/11 conspiracy theory?:

Transcript and sources:

Or this well known secretly organised (world wide) government run project (AKA "Conspiracy"):

Of course, nobody is saying that 9/11 was a government project at all, but you have to admit, people who held certain key positions in extremely important posts (both public and private) do seem to have a lot to explain for their highly questionable actions (or lack of action) - prior, during and after - that fateful day.