Comment: Or just use

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Or just use

mailinator or any of the other disposable email services. Or have a gmail account you use just for junk like this.

Or in this case, just ignore townhall polls altogether because they're meaningless. You can also safely ignore any media source that thinks a townhall poll is worth citing, on the grounds of general cluelessness.

I think Michael was right, Rand was left off the poll intentionally so that people would get worked up about it and "vote" and they could harvest a bunch of email addresses. For any Rand write-ins who gave their real email address they now have a mailing list of motivated Rand supporters to sell.

BTW, re: collecting "the email addresses of OTHER junk email spammers" please don't use the email addresses that your spam appears to be coming from. The return email addresses are usually just valid addresses of people who have nothing to do with the spam.