Comment: Greek to me, but truth I see

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Greek to me, but truth I see

I went to my Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary to find:

ID'IOT, n.L. idiota; Gr. private,vulgar,unskilled, peculiar, that is, separate, simple. See Idiom.

1. A natural fool or fool from his birth; a human being in form, but destitute of reason, or the ordinary intellectual powers of man.

A person who has understanding enough to measure a yard of cloth, number twenty correctly, tell the days of the week, &c., is not an idiot in the eye of the law.

2. A foolish person; one unwise.

"On one's own", is found there in "private" and "separate". When comparing oneself with the majority opinion, being called an idiot can too often be a title of honor, eh?

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