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No national bank

We don't have a national bank.

We have a privately controlled Bank that runs everything. For example, I always hate it when people say "the government is printing money". The government is doing no such thing.

Goldman Sachs is printing the money (or creating it), and "the government" is powerless to stop it even if it wanted to. The Bankers control the whole show (and created the "Wall Street" Walmart atmosphere that we live under). The Rothschilds Banking Empire makes all the important decisions, and the private Bank does whatever it wants and then simply tells the government what it has done.

Think back to 2008: Congress initially refused to go along with Hank Paulson's Bank Bailout. Then there were closed door meetings; threats of martial law; behind the scenes bribery and intimidation. All of sudden everyone in Congress loved the Bank Bailouts and said it was necessary.

Who is running the show? Not the government.
It's the Big Bankers.

As long as we misdirect the focus on "the government", we will never have a Government that is strong enough to stand up and cast out the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Big Bankers.

We need to look to the example of Andrew Jackson again, when the government flexed its muscle and ended the private control.