Comment: I don't like Cruz either. So

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I don't like Cruz either. So

I don't like Cruz either. So he's against domestic spending and gun control... What Republican isn't? What I want to know....
Is he against the drug war? Is he a non-interventionist, Is he for allowing the states to decide their own marriage laws? Is he skeptical about climate change? Is he for eliminating entire departments?
The fact that his wife works for Goldman Sachs, he worked in the justice dept during the Bush years, went to Harvard and Princteon and apparently was the epitome of "elitist" at those schools (reportedly he wouldn't even talk to any graduate students if they didn't do their undergrad at either Harvard Princeton or Yale.) The guy talks to you as if he's reading a bedtime story to an 8 year old. Very patronizing.
He's a dangerous demagogue and a fraud.

Thanks for posting. People need to know this.