Comment: Cruz Different than Bush & Boehner

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Cruz Different than Bush & Boehner

Does anyone think for a second that Bush or Boehner would stand for 21 hours on their feet against Obamacare? There is some pain in the feet connected with that and I seriously doubt Bush or Boehner would endure it for such a cause. Would either Bush or Boehner come out so opposed to war with Syria as Ted Cruz has? Granted, Cruz has only been in the Senate for 9 months, but he has been on the right side so far in the Senate. He is looking good to me.

Many liberty minded people made the error of supporting Bush in 2000. Liberty was not nearly the issue it is today. I don't know much about Cruz serving as Boehner's attorney, but that's not a political position. Sounds like Cruz was simply performing a paid service 15 years ago. Gosh, can't we look at things as they are in present time? Fifteen to twenty years ago I was not nearly as liberty minded as I am today. Perhaps Ted Cruz wasn't either. People do change. Let's look at his record closer to the present.