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"Does anyone think for a

"Does anyone think for a second that Bush or Boehner would stand for 21 hours on his feet against Obamacare?" My answer is "no". But do you think Bush or Boehner would stand for 21 hours on their feet to promote themselves disguised as a stand against a healthcare bill? I answer that question with a definitive "yes". And Cruz has not been on the right side of Syria. He's been more of a centrist. he's testing the political winds. He said we should go to the United Nations to determine if we should go to war with Syria. The United Nations??!!!??!!! That's internationalism and handing over your sovereignty to Europe China and Russia. I don't like that....

With regards to your last statement about looking at "present records".... That's a fair argument to an extent. But if you really believe that, then there really isn't anything special about Ron Paul. What made Ron Paul so incredible and fascinating is that he's hardly budged (except for maybe his once held belief in the death penalty) on any issues. Test your own theory on yourself right now... If Mitt Romney came out for a full audit of the Fed, an end to the drug war and was basically parroting everything RP has been saying for years... Would you ignore his past and say he's a changed man and vote for him? (Remember.... Romney ran on "changing his mind" about abortion)