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There's lots of things to consider

About a year ago I started wondering about doing the same.

Check this link out:
It's a map of the world, showing which areas have different grades of the cost of living.

Switzerland is very expensive.

You also need to see what the unemployment rates are and what the minimum wage is.

One thing you might be unaware of is that you need a work visa in order to work in Europe. In order to get one, you have to find an employer who is willing to hire you and therefore help you with that work visa process. They are required by law to hire natives, even if they are less qualified, as opposed to foreigners.

You'll want and need enough savings so that if you move there and have trouble getting a job you won't have to fly back home or be stuck there in lots of trouble.

You'll also want to see the tax rates - many European countries have insane taxes and I think Switzerland is no exception.

Try looking at Poland. After I narrowed down all my choices, I picked Poland and recently went there for a near 3 week trip to find out what it was like and see if it was right for me. It was.

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