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but the Cruz-Goldman Sachs-Bush connection has been made several times already in the past few days alone. It's well-known at this point, at least on the DP.

That said, I bet if people looked hard enough, everyone here including myself is somehow connected to something 'bad'. Until I see Cruz himself do something 'bad', then I won't hold his connections against him.

Also, what's wrong with climbing the ladder? Is it wrong to want to get ahead in your area of work/study? I don't buy into the 'ambition is evil' philosophy. It's how the ladder is climbed that matters to me.

Anyway, not a fan of guilt by association. Should I stop liking Ron Paul because he's had meals with Ben Bernanke or accepted donations from admitted White Nationalists?

I'm skeptical of Cruz as I am of all politicians (and he's a lawyer to boot! *cringe*), but I'll hold my criticisms for things he himself has done.

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