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Daze and con Cruz

If Cruz is the patriot you believe he is, he doesn't need your cheerleading to do his thing. Why do you run to crown him Prime Minister just because he opposes ObamaCare? If he's honest, he'll continue to fight for the causes you like, whether you support him or not. But for him to fight and lose -- is that really any better than not fighting at all, at the end of the day? I'm not saying YOU shouldn't fight. You should, even if you lose. I'm saying whether Cruz fights or not, I don't care. He's not my messiah, and he never will be. He shall be known by his fruits. Why does anybody need to "give him a chance"? A chance to do what? Fool you? Lead you down a dead end road? He doesn't need me to follow him to do his job. He is a Senator. He can filibuster any bill he wants. He can write any bill he wants. But I can guarantee he won't accomplish anything Goldman Sachs doesn't want him to accomplish.