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disagree about the food

I lived in Geneva, Switzerland for three years, and if I had to highlight the one thing that sucked, I would say the food. Outside of England, probably the worst in Western Europe. For e.g., whenever you buy a watermelon from their main grocery chain, Migros, it is fairly obvious to tell that it had been stored in a FREEZER ... no joke, tastes terrible. As a standard, they use UHT milk (ultra high temperature) the kind that doesn't spoil if it isn't refrigerated. If you order hot chocolate in a restaurant, e.g., you can tell that they use UHT milk. Pretty much all the Europeans (apart from the Brits) that I worked with complained about the food there.

There are a lot of positives though: low taxes, low unemployment, high salaries, etc., but food I thought was the noteworthy exception. (The other negative, is that it is pretty boring unless your primary hobbies are skiing, paragliding, or hiking in the mountains.)