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Hey AnCap...

Vieira was pretty good... I only watched part 1 though.

I think the revolutionary spirit our founders had is alive and well and is spreading like 'brushfires in the hearts of men' and women in America today.

The prepper movement and the liberty movement are allied and greatly overlap. There is a vastly growing segment of America that is discovering the necessity and the benefits of self sufficiency. Even mainstream people are picking up on and adapting these ideas, if but only in little ways, for now.

I think this preparedness / independence movement is also happening on the intellectual front. The Ron Paul r3VOLution & the DP are expressions of that reality, imho. Maybe I am just being optimistic.

As for the Constitutional Convention folks. I don't think we need one just yet. (As you said, if the dollar collapses then it wont matter right now, but it will matter as per restoring our republic, after.) Not that there aren't things in the constitution I wouldn't mind being changed.
But we don't need to re-invent the constitution. 95% of it is great. The best things in it are what's being ignored!
We need to enforce the Constitution, starting with the 2nd Amendment! Which is about how We the American People are to secure our free states with citizens' militias, every bit as much as bearing arms individually. This pretty much excludes the idea of 'police'. Policing is a British system.

So yes, I am basically thinking about this coming from a realistic standpoint. We have a school system, as it is. We can salvage that, and use it right. Teach kids useful, liberty minded, self-reliant lessons. Fund it right. Fund it locally, and take control away from big government. No reason to destroy the culture and infrastructure that has been built. We just need to 'set it free'.

There is so much I did not cover in my OP. So much that can be discussed, from concepts to practical functions and scenarios.

Thanks for your great comments and yes, we are on the same wavelength.
Having different militia groups, and 2nd amendment and pro-liberty groups come together and unite, to achieve some of these goals, is an excellent idea.
With good communication, we can begin to take back the role of securing our communities. Starting with smaller communities, and as the models for success become clearer, it will spread to larger and larger towns and cities. Americans living independently, responsibly, and freely. Just as our greatest founders envisioned.

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