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We need to do an all

out assault on the right wing radio shows, especailly our local hosts, pushing Nulification and states rights. We need to forget about the Feds, as we have seen a few Liberty minded Senators can't do anything against the Bankster controlled collectivts! We need to talk about the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions created by Jefferson and Madison. If these hacks rebute you, tell them I guess those two Founders didn't know anything about how the Constitution was supposed to operate? Tell them we need to quit talking about the Corporate Collectivists in Washington, because they don't care about the American people, they only desire to make their masters rich. We don't have time to forment Federalist positions posed by statists like Mark Levin. If they rebuke you on this statement, tell them supporting useless wars of aggression, and tyrannical Bolshevik bills like the Patriot Act is indeed statism, no matter how you try to spin it. The only way to stop Big Government Corporatism is to force your state officials to stand their ground using the Nulification proxy created by Jefferson and Madison, period! This left vs right, conservative vs liberal/progressive, Repub vs Dem, is BS, because they are working together as seen by the stance taken in the Senate, and usually in the House. Don't just bicker on this site or others, call into the radio and tell the masses how to defeat this creature of the Corporate/Wall St/Bankster scheme to force us all into serfdom. It's not distribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, it's distrubution from the poor and middle class to the ruling rich.