Comment: The County...The Guy that leans on the 24 dollar shovel.

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The County...The Guy that leans on the 24 dollar shovel.

...Which is a whole lot better than the federal government that spends millions on environmental studies, buys 100 - $2,000,000 dollar shovels; Hires 10 corporations, 5 Unions, to oversee 5 basic wage laborers and 5 volunteers to use the 100 shovels (yes that's 10 shovels each) to fill the one pot hole;

Then another million dollar study, a study group, and then publish both a environmental draft, organize a public discussion about that pothole and future potholes, and then a final Environmental impact study on potholes to have future studies made;

This is so to insure pothole compliance by states and counties through imposing and instituting a states pothole mandate, before the states can get a portion of their extracted federal taxes back for similar highway repair.

Your question was very valid.

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