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Full blown democracy is a VERY bad idea

Full blown democracy is a VERY bad idea, and I sure am very glad the founders of this country KNEW IT.

Now, the tragedy, today, is the evil of this world rules ALSO by confusion over the masses in that respect (for the sake of a collectivist agenda - you guessed it right - duh!) between an ADJECTIVE and A NOUN.

The adjective : democratic.

The noun : democracy.

And a republic is not incompatible with some limited democratic processes - but of course that does not mean that the presence of democratic processes forcibly IMPLIES that the form of government at hand is a democracy.

The USA have never been meant to be a full blown democracy where the tyranny of the 50.000001% majority coerces the unfortunate 49.999999% minorities. This is as clear as 1 + 1 = 2 on this end.

That's the gross, infuriating, lie that TPTB use with ignorant people or useful idiots.

To debunk it, often suffices to recall people that noun and adjective do not encompass the same conceptual domains in the language - the former points at the VERY specimen or type ITSELF that it names, the latter is ONLY a characteristic attribute of what is named and pointed to by the noun, among other attributes.

Some apples are red. Some other fruits are red, too.

Does that make all red fruits apples?

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