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I never had an epiphany Goldspan

But I will keep trying.

I understand your rationale for ignoring reality. I just think it comes from a pretentious sense of enlightenment. Yes you are right, its not important who did what, and its all control, blah blah...

I still think you underestimate the power that waking up to the reality of government lies has to move people towards waking up to the true hypocrisy of "government" in general.

I want to reiterate one point. You are a pretentious turd. Just because you see that people aren't awake to the root problem in all these "conspiracies" you choose to ridicule them with a holier than thou attitude that turns people off, makes you sound like a troll and doesn't help wake anybody up.

I said you understand more than most, but the only thing I see from you on this board is you rubbing it in peoples faces. I really think there is something wrong with you. You're like the genius student in the back of the class that only speaks when he can correct one of the other students who got something wrong.

Sad part is, because of that you are missing the mark and totally ineffective at what you tell yourself you are trying to do.

Just for the record I think I am alot smarter, more intellectual, more knowledgeable, and better looking than you. Its ok though, if you need to believe that you helped me understand something that I didnt understand already, you go ahead. What ever it takes for you to feel good about yourself.