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Football is collectivism now?

It is actually the whack job liberals in the government that want Americans to be wussy hippies and play soccer instead of football.
(I actually really enjoy watching USA World Cup Soccer... but I'm being dramatic to make my point more vivid;)

It is the collectivists that are systematically, through the federal education system, trying to phase out football, physicality, competition, & aggression, etc...

Football promotes individualism within 'the collective' aka the team. I would say it promotes unity, while at the same time it promotes diversity, versatility and individuality. You have big fat powerful guys, small quick guys, tall lanky guys, and guys in between. You can be '6"7 350lbs., or '5"5 170, or '6"0 225lbs, etc. You have multiple different skill sets, a different skill set for every position. Everyone is needed. Anyone can aspire to play football. You do your very best to compete, you stand out as an individual, and you help out your team. The emphasis is put on team, because it is about giving, sharing, and sacrificing for others. Not being selfish. And it is a game. Don't forget. It is not forcing anyone to do something they don't want to, like government.

Besides, only skinny kids can play soccer.

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