Comment: I attended The Texas Tribune Festival

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I attended The Texas Tribune Festival

I attended The Texas Tribune Festival this weekend in Austin, Texas with WeTexans. There was about 20 of us, and we hit the mics with libertarian leaning questions to have our side heard, as it was HEAVILY skewed to the left.

I ate dinner with Medina Friday night! I also attended the forum, "What Does the Tea Party Want?" I even asked a question to the panel, and other questions to other panels, namely "Latinos in the Republican Party" and "Securing Our Border."

Here's a funny and scary story from the event.

Regarding the independent run for governor, read the articles carefully. Medina wants to actually MOVE policy. That is her goal. However she can most effectively and efficiently MOVE policy will determine her plan. There is more to this "news" than what's on the surface. As the articles and commenter CallMeAnn states below, Medina feels she could do more good things as comptroller. She just needs the big donors to fund a legitimate campaign. The grassroots will give, but in a races like governor or even comptroller, you need a lot of money.

On a side note, and I can only tease you because I'm sworn to secrecy, and I'm sorry for that, but get ready to see some amazingly funded really legit political activism in the next months and coming years! I can't wait to tell you all about it as I can! Stay tuned!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!