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Yogurt Types

I don't know about the other yogurts even though the Amish yogurt sounds good. I can't see the container. I'd start with Nancy's since you said you can get it. Vanilla Nancy's is good. Then when he gets regular and stops aching and being confused and exhausted, use some of the other suggestions here like using foods high in Vitamin B 12 and coconut milk sold in the store by "silk". Use all foods in small amounts at a time. Don't push him. It's all about foods. No sugar. Use foods high in iron too when he's feeling okay.
I know what I'm talking about. Again, I suffer the same, though I am 30 years younger than your dad. He sounds like he has a sluggish liver. These are the symptoms I have from late stage non alcoholic viral liver disease. His is from being old and of course the antibiotics which he should not take. I'm not sick all the time if I follow a certain diet.
Like your dad, I can't eat much and food just doesn't taste right so I have to be choosy and I try to get the most nutrients in a day that I can with the little I can eat. I try to have variety. Beware: Some days I can eat bananas for potassium and some days they'll make me sick. Some days I can eat an egg and most days I cannot.(such could be your Dad's case too) I limit cheese intake but try to eat it when I can. I say this because you have to roll with what your dad feels safe eating for that day. He may have nausea and not know it. When his plumbing is backed up he feels full all the time. It's not the same as when a normal person's plumbing gets backed up. He is old and like an old car he needs special care. His organs and pipes are worn which get toxic. He might have success eating tiny portions of food throughout the day.
Plenty of water is good and popsicles are good to wet the whistle for someone who has no appetite. You'll find on days he can't eat, giving him just a tiny healthy snack will stimulate his desire to eat more for that day. He should "graze" and not stick to a '3 meal a day regiment' If only they told all elderly this they wouldn't suffer so much. He too has a compromised liver because he is old. No beer, wine, caffeine, sugar or cigarettes. No, no, no. No salt. No marijuana. The liver doesn't know how to process it. He can get ulcers from it. I'd be interested in knowing how you do with my suggestions. My dad lived to be 93 and had his issues similiar to failing body functions so that is what it is like to go naturally.
I'm relieved obamacare is on hold. I may still get my transplant and not be told to take morphine and go home and rest until I die. If you met me you would not know any of this was going on with me. I'm not even retirement age yet. Leave me your email if you wish. Starting with the yogurt is your best bet and then moving on to other things. It'll take time to clean his colon out and get the new good bacteria in it. Maybe a week or more to see results. Fresh fruit and veggies cut up real well for him are good. A small glass of Gerolsteiner water is good daily if he is not too sick on any given day-It has bubbles like soda. It is loaded with minerals and had 8% calcium. He can take his medication with it in the morning to help dissolve the pills. Rice is good if he likes jasmine rice and can eat a bit of butter on it. It has fiber and is good when the appetite is shot. He needs fiber....That's it...It's called intuitive healing using these suggestions to start with. Putting back the good bacteria is the first order of business. If he gets the runs at anytime from here on out, then he can drink Gatorade to put back electrolytes and be sure to use the yogurt. It's rough when your organs don't function like they used to. I'm not sure he should ever take the pneumonia antibiotics again. It sounds like he needs oxygen perhaps at night or at some point during the day. It's not pneumonia. Again, intuitive healing. Sorry this is so long..

Keepin' it real.