Comment: Well... welcome to the club.

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Well... welcome to the club.

Well... welcome to the club.

Yes, the most basic arithmetic has spoken eventually and you found yourself bumping into the only bizarre, unexpected wall left standing, blocking your view :

how the hell are we going to pay for this with a declining work force and higher liability loads?

We won't. Nobody will. Or not in the usual sense of a quiet, orderly "payment" (since it's impossible) you know - debtor vs. creditor, anyway.

BAM! The bizarre wall just fell.

Instead, the system will have to fail loudly, abruptly... to be replaced by what? That is question.

You may have missed that one, but since they arrived at the same arithmetic conclusion, they also speculated on might happen in lieu et place of the impossible payment :

I warmly recommend watching it when you get a chance.

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