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Comment: Obamacare is a travesty

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Obamacare is a travesty

But why all the hyperventalation about "tipping points" to revolution, etc.? Rather than spend all the time and energy why not just let it fail on its own merits. You don't have to organize massive resistance the whole plan is so ill conceived many, how many I don't know, millions perhaps will simply not comply - not because of ideological reasons but simply inability or unwillingness to navigate the system. Cost is also a factor. A neighbor was visiting last night: single woman age 59 uninsured and in good health. Totally apolitical but not dumb. She was very concerned about the cost as well as resentful of the manditory provisions of the law and would probably not sign up. Another friend, single male 59 actually could use health insurance but make such little money, overall, that there is no way he could pay for it, subsidy or not, and still pay the rent. He also has zero ability to use the Internet and is very paranoid about privacy in general and the government in particular. I tease him about getting his Obamacare - or else.

The hyperventalation in rhetoric is generally a turn off to most people - death panels, nazi Germany in the 40s (sic) etc. me included. Although I agree with most if not all of the criticisms - govt mandates, subsidization of health insurance companies etc. I have a hard time getting worked up about it given a lack of valid alternatives. Give it a couple of years and it will fail of its own accord. In the meantime I suggest our time would be better spent coming up with a better idea.