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Who is Zoellick?

Robert Zoellick was president of the World Bank until last year. You know, the same World Bank and IMF that was proposed and created at Bretton Woods,NH in 1944 by John Maynard Keynes. We are still operating on this global Keynesian monetary system. I do not believe Zoellick and the other criminal international bankers really want to move to gold. They are being forced by the rest of the world to move to gold, for example BRIC nations. Gold backed currency is the same scam they ran on us when the FED was introduce in 1913. The gold notes were backed by a 40% reserve to gold. And we see how that worked out. It took less then 20 years to fraudulently bankrupt our nation (1933) and conviscate our gold. They fraudulently took receivership of all the assets and We the People became their chattel!