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"same wavelength:" ditto that!

Well, as for fealty to the Constitution? That remains to be seen, with this current generation. .o/

Even as someone who leans Anarcho-Capitalist to Voluntaryist/Agorist, I'm not opposed to those using existent political mechanisms, as an educational platform, just as the Doc has for decades. Besides, people will only do what they love and enjoy, and pursue in the manner in which they individually believe is right and enjoy, anyway.

That said, I'm under no illusions as to whether 'reforming' the La Cosa Nostra is ever a realistic possibility nor goal.

My eventual 'hope' is that humanity finally evolves to the point of rejecting the entire psychological notion of 'govt is necessary evil'-PR and the state/the Leviathan altogether, equally as most awake, conscious human souls have come to find slavery an utter moral abomination.

That said, it's multi-generational, and I'm under no illusions that I'll be living in a FULLY voluntary society (beyond those I know and choose to associate with), in my lifetime.

Which is why, I'm mostly concerned with overall trajectories: are 'we' headed in a path toward MORE individual human liberties and freedoms, or more tyrannical?

Seeing as how no one's gonna agree 100% (um, like most everything else in life? lol) on HOW 'we' get 'there,' but apropos characteristic indicative of any 'movement' ie, R3VOLution, if there are a TWO things that I personally do use as a litmus, if 'we' HAD to all agree on something?

1. The Golden Rule/Non-Aggression Principle/Axiom, non-initiation of force: Do unto others...
- follow, abide by, or at the least, respect the morally guiding life-philosophy enough as much as one can to the point of choosing to at least TRY to abide by it, as much as humanly possible

2. That, ANYTHING, or path that leads to MORE individual sovereignty is better, than not.

Beyond those two? I'd say party on!!!

It's all c'est la vie, to me.o)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul