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Yes, I think ultimately we're talking about different things when we're talking about the hands. In the ultimate showdown, 2-7 is a crap hand, and they're not going to take it that far.

So we can safely assume that they're bluffing, but for what reason? You don't just bluff for the fun of it.

So they're bluffing to see the flop, and if a pair of twos show up on the flop, then you got a little something to work with!

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Personally, I think Cruz has gone rogue, and he's behaving like Cap't Kirk in the latest (terrible) Start Trek movie. "Let's just try some shit, and hope it works out for the best!" No plan, no strategy.

That's what makes the endgame so fascinating. This is as much fun as watching the Pats - Falcons game tonight is going to be (I hope). You really never know what the endgame is going to be.

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But as you mentioned - the stalemate will not go on forever. They'll do a little song and dance, take a bow, and get back to work. They'll have to come to some kind of compromise. One side, or both sides, will be forced to back down.

What do you think that is going to look like?

Cruz backs down, takes one for the team, but meanwhile builds a huge amount of goodwill among the hardcore fan base of the GOP. Someone put a thread up here about that. I can't find it, but it linked to this article:

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