Comment: So sick of people looking for the perfect candidate

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So sick of people looking for the perfect candidate

You guys are always blasting everyone not perfect as heirs to the continuing tyranny of the govt. why don't you run then? So many here can judge from their computer and tell all of us how bad or corrupt everyone is. Well then run yourself and show us what the perfect candidate looks like. Otherwise judge people by their actions and what they say, speculating and alienating all those who show even moderate movement towards smaller govt in any way shape or form should be welcomed.

Many on here talk about conspiracies and govt intruders the easiest way to keep our general goals a pipe dream is by creating an environment where no one is satisfactory. Therefore ensuring our forces don't unify behind people that are better than the people that in power. You see what I am saying. If I was in the CIA watching these factions of Americans, I would simply feign interst and start threads talking about how this or that person is a commie or war mongering or owned by the rothchilds or whatever, and then, of course the people here would argue over the splinters instead of the trees. I just do t get it. Not saying you ha e to suck Cruz off but he's doing a better job than most and a better job than me cause I'm on the computer he's actually out there, I can't judge that too hard...