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Comment: "I'm just gonna support CRUZ until...."

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"I'm just gonna support CRUZ until...."

That is a frightening start to a sentence. It sounds like you've decided to pledge BLIND SUPPORT for someone you know little or nothing about.

That statement is what people said about OBAMA.

There are 2 types of people in the world:

Those who make decisions based on left-brain logical evidence, and

Those who make decisions based on right-brain FEELING.

We are EMOTIONAL beings. Emotion comes BUILT-IN. Logic does not. Most people just use emotion as a basis for their decisions without understanding what emotions are.

There are a couple HUNDRED MILLION AMERICANS qualified to represent the country - we don't need ANOTHER one that has a History of Alliance with the Bush Family and all the usual Establishment Suspects.

Whether Cruz is clean or not -- it's not worth the risk of yet ANOTHER wolf in sheep's clothing SPOON FED by the establishment.