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your brain gets an "F"

The molten metal was not only seen dripping from the building before it fell, but also in the rubble. Not just WTC 1 and 2, but also at WTC 7 which as we all know was not hit by a plane. This building had structural damage due to falling debris (negligible) and a fire on a couple floors which the recordings of the firefighters say "could easily be put out with a couple lines..." There should not have been any molten metal ANYWHERE, especially building 7. Your Graphs mean nothing, a fifth grader could make them on the paint program. The proof is in the smoke, which was very dark black meaning the fire was being starved of oxygen and going out. Also, engineers do not "choose to fireproof buildings at great cost..." This must be done (in most / certain buildings) to be up to code. It is not there to prevent a steel framed building from coming down, because fire cannot do that, it is there only as a protection from further damage. Again, fire, and jet fuel, cannot make steel molten as it was reported by many witnesses including firefighters as well as confirmed by the thermal images taken of the site by Nasa. Your comments are pointless and without basis and wholly devoid of any factual findings. Your case sir, is respectfully dismissed. Go back to flipping those burgers.

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