Comment: I heard Boehner say that

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I heard Boehner say that

I heard Boehner say that there are talks of a compromise of something along the lines of congress agreeing that would be part of Obamacare as well.
now I believe that they should have been a part of this from the begininning. Congress should not be above the law and what is good enough for the people should be good enough for them. But I don't consider this by ANY means a compromise to move forward with the bill. It made me roll my eyes, thats what I get for hoping. what kind of logic is that anyway?? There fight is supposedly because Obamacare would hurt the poor and middle class it will loose jobs here in US. Congress having to be a part of the whole thing has nothing to do with why this bill should not go forward. What kind of compromise is doesn't even make any sense, not to mention does anyone really beleive that there will be small print somewhere else in the bill saying that congress has a choice.

Anyway, I still do not trust Bohener to follow through. He is already coming up with assanign cop outs...