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You Are So Correct!

All you can do is get prepared:
1. Financial:
a. Buy precious metals.
b. Diversify investments in inflation-proof choices.
c. Buy & store essential items - toilet paper, batteries, etc.
2. Food:
a. Store non-perishables.
b. Grow others.
c. Secure secondary water source.
d. Install water purification.
3. Self-Defense:
a. Buy, store and practice with firearms, ammo & misc weapons.
b. Learn and practice simple and effective martial art.
c. Secure home and property or prepare to bug-out.
4. First Aid:
a. Store needed supplements and medicines.
b. Learn simple first aid.
c. Buy and store first aid kits.
5. Energy:
a. Implement alternative power for home
b. Safely store fuel