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The Constitution? You mean

The Constitution? You mean the document that the gov uses to justify everything it does because that's what ultimately has happened to all constitutions throughout history? Don't make me laugh.

Instituting our Constitution compared to what we had prior, was the greatest centralization of power in our nation's history. Why would we want to return to what has already failed? The argument should be to ending the Constitution, and more precisely, the federal leviathan it created. FYI, the Constitutional Convention was financed by banksters after scaring the people in the individual colonies through currency crises they created because false flags didn't just start yesterday.

Tom Woods had a great article today on Lew Rockwell and I suggest anyone who still thinks The Constitution is the path to liberty and freedom to read it:

The only option for those of us who want a chance at having real liberty and freedom is to eliminate the federal government all together and to return to something far weaker like the AOC. Of course, along with this must come the elimination of mandated gov fiat money and then letting the free market decide what it want to use as currency. What little gov is left wouldn't be able to just put people into debt by inflation confiscation, they will have to actually seize assets and tax and you can't do that without people noticing. Doing that alone would solve many of our issues.

Return the power to the states and then let people vote with their feet. Hell, if the people were really smart even the states would be broken up into smaller manageable chunks by the market and then let those chunks compete with each other to offer services. Don't like your service provider? Choose another or don't opt into one at all. That's the only long-term option for freedom loving people; the smallest government possible, competition, and the ability to have close proximity to those who wish to govern so those people are actually accountable to their constituents.

It really is that simple, so don't be tricked by The Constitutionalist religion. See Ron Paul quote in my sig.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed