Comment: "opening Jab"? please define.

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"opening Jab"? please define.

if anything, it was unintentional and directed at the larger audience.
that was not meant to be an obtuse response or denial.
I need to know HOW I do that very thing.....
your writing skill is far superior to my own.
I appear both course and brash in comparison.

your argument for "Treason" is well founded. at a minimum it is subversive.
I have only been testing this technique for about a week now.
my best guess at this time is that it provokes instant recognition of cognitive dissonance...
thank you, my intention in creating this post was to make our argument both cleaner and stronger. but also more palatable.

my part in this epic battle is (very) small....
my religion is posterity.

yes, I am trying to learn from other here as well, to make progress for Liberty.
what works on sheeple? how small can you make "sound bites" and still be effective?

I don't want to, and can never give up trying. if I provoke cognition dissonance and get a negative reaction. then I move on, and wait and see I they come to me. if they do not? and the next time that I bring the subject up? I know who they are.

I attempted to present the question at the DP in a "tongue and cheek" manner.
my attempt at promoting intelligent discourse at the DP is, again....a complete failure.
only a few responses and zero side arguments.

I know here I am.