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"But first of all, everyone in the legal profession thought that the administration would justify Obamacare under the general welfare clause of the Constitution. This is the way that most of the New Deal legislation was passed during the depression."
-Nope. The legal community was convinced the government was going to use the commerce clause as a way to justify the law (which it did) and it failed, then it was argued on the last day before the supremes that it could be construed as a tax...
-There is No such thing as the general welfare clause which in and of itself grants congress the power to make legislation.
-Much of the New Deal legislation was ruled unconstitutional until FDR threatened to pack the court with justices who would do his bidding. To preserve the integrity of the court Justice Brandeis created the Brandeis rules when assessing constiutionality.
-Unprecedented New deal legislation that stuck was justified via the commerce clause.

you either support rightful individual liberty or you don't.