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Expertise is gained by taking the time to look into the information.

If you haven't even taken the time to look at the information, and you know little about the details surrounding the terrible criminal event that happened on 9/11, why would you waste your valuable time to post a comment lambasting people who do take the time to look at the details?

Personally I don't have a pet theory, I do however know that many of the families of the victims - who died in that planned attack - are not satisfied with the outcome of the (underfunded, stacked deck) inquiry they had to fight for tooth and nail to even get in the first place.

Those families (kooks in your admittedly uneducated and uninterested opinion) are still fighting to be heard.

But before you waste your valuable time replying to this comment, may I suggest that you use that time to listen to what the 9/11 widows and orphans have to say about it.

But of course, if your time is too valuable to do so, I would suggest that you no longer waste it berating those who do go out of their way and make the time to listen to them.

Because your time is limited, I have time linked the video below to directly to the victims families first statements to save you watching the first few minutes.