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First of all ...

I apologize for pulling that crap at the end of my last post.

Finally ...

This is not going anywhere so this will be my last post. I promise. My point has been that if you read anything and everything on this subject, you will come away with 5 conclusions.

1. It was never defined.
2. It is clear that there are really only two types of citizens; Naturalized or Natural Born. There is no other option.
3. Opinions are all over the place, but if you want the original intent the closest thing you are going to get is the Naturalization Act of 1790 which was passed by the first congress which consisted of many representatives to the Constitutional Convention.
4. The Supreme Court specifically states that this particular clause has never been addressed by the Supreme Court.
5. The constituion clearly states that only congress has authority over naturalization so defining this term is strictly congress's prerogative.

God Bless.