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I am probably the biggest

I am probably the biggest Madonna fan on here. However, I have yet to watch the video. I will, but part of the reason I haven't is her decision to continue playing Israel, in spite of its human rights record toward the Palestinians. Actually, if she didn't treat the issue like both sides are equally wrong, I would be ok with her touring Israel. What I have heard her say so far always strikes me as naive and somewhat uninformed about the full scope of Israel's oppression against the Palestinians.

I think Madonna, like Ron Paul, is an excellent inspiration for freedom (neither really seem to care what the world thinks in the moment), but her knowledge about politics has always seemed rather shallow to me, which is odd cause in her lyrics, she expresses surprisingly great insights about relationships and human nature, despite the media's emphasis on her image and her own past obsession with it.

In her view, everyone has a "right" to an education. But so does almost every other person in the world. So, perhaps I can't be hard on her. I love how she stood against the Iraq War before it was popular to do so. When the war was no longer popular, she went back to making great dance music. Here is her anti war video from 2003. I think its great. This one is also great, American Pie, a cover a of the old classic: