Comment: You want to go in the direction of "Greater Balance"?

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You want to go in the direction of "Greater Balance"?


What creates "imbalance" is people imposing their views on others rather than just living the way they want regardless of the activities of others and doing no harm to others.

However, what's different here is that you are not only imposing your views about pot on others, but the views you hold are based on outdated propaganda pushed on the public by corporate interests that many have bought into. All the "Harm" is done by all the LIES that it does any real harm.

Been smoking for over half of my life, since age 13, and even smoked when I was recovering from TB of the lungs which helped my lungs heal better and faster, I have a 10-year career in advertising, I pay my bills, I hang out with friends, I love my wife and the rest of my family, and I'm a pretty chilled out nice guy (I do my best).

See, I base MY opinion on MY OWN EXPERIENCE and not the opinions of some half-century-old corporately funded and falsified research. It would be IMMORAL for me to tell people NOT to smoke or ingest POT. Cannabis Oils are curing cancers, easing symptoms for people (and children) suffering from chronic diseases, etc., and that doesn't even cover all the industrial benefits of Hemp.

Spiritually speaking, Marijuana HELPED me reach that quiet, still place within. When I first began meditation, I couldn't focus that easily but with pot I was able to find stillness and it allowed me to think outside the box from within. I no longer require it to meditate but it served as a valuable tool to help me find inner peace.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin