Comment: Guilt by association, one of the poorest logical fallicies

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Guilt by association, one of the poorest logical fallicies

So I voted for Bush in 2000 and 2008 ( I believe a great man named Dr. Thomas Woods did too). If I was in politics and as active as I am now I would have likely campaigned for them. Now that I'm sold out to liberty I must not be "smart" enough to be eligible to run for any serious office.

Good to know.

Can we please hold people accountable for their record. I don't see many people pushing for Cruz to run for President here in any strong way. But give the man his do. He is championing issues on the national level, both Healthcare and 2A freedom. This is how you change hearts and minds to be sold out for your cause. Not by bashing them as they are leading the charge.

In terms of his wife:

All successful people in finance have likely been invited to CFR, nothing new. So you are now blacklisted for being invited. Really?

So everyone who works for Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are the scum of the Earth. Good to know. Maybe we can extend that to other things like the Government, the Military, media, or anything else people don't like. After all, if you work for any of these institutions you must be a globalist scumbag.

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